In order to become a member of HYC, applicant should

  • Download and fill out the Application Form (see link below)
  • Form should be co-signed by 2 sponsors and mailed  to the Membership Committee Chair,  [email protected]
  • After application is being posted on HYC Bulletin Board for at least 2 weeks, it will be considered by the Board
  • Sponsors are expected to be present and speak on behalf of the application on the Board meeting, or present an affidavit with their testimony
  • Once approved new Applicant receives Seniority Number and becomes a full fledged member of the Club.

For further information, please contact Membership Committee, [email protected]


Website Account Management

Please complete the following form to begin your HYC account creation process. A valid email address is required to receive account validation link. Click on the link using the same computer and the same browser you used to register.  Once this is completed, go back to the homepage and login, using new credentials.

At this point your access is still limited. Please notify web sited administrator to approve your membership and elevate your account permissions. Approval process is done manually on a per-account basis.

Please report any problems or comments to
Rick Preli [email protected]
Alex Henkin [email protected]

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