Nellie Guernsey Race


Nellie Guernsey, in addition to a brilliant professional career in mining, was a sailor, a racer, and a volunteer administrator at Halloween Yacht Club, present in the HYC on nearly a 40-hour per week basis for many years. After her death in 2011, the HYC Fall Race was renamed in her honor.

The Nellie Guernsey Memorial Race is conducted by HYC each September. It is open for all non-spinnaker boats, HYC members as well as others. All appropriate documents can be found on this page. Registration is free for HYC members, and $25.00 for the others, payable to Alex Henkin by check or via PayPal, to [email protected].

To register, please contact Alex Henkin at [email protected]


This year the race will take place on Saturday, September 18, first signal at 1400 hours.

Due to the continuing COVID-19 pandemic, there are no definite plans for HYC Award Party this year yet.

Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

To be posted

Race Results

To be posted. Race replay of boats using RaceQ will be available at . For better experience, use full screen view.

Boat Name Skipper Start time Finish time Place
Flo III Jim Goodridge 14:05:00 16:33:00 2
Soup Bone IV Lyndon Helmbolt 14:10:16 17:06:00 5
Chicken Wing Peter Sikora 14:12:08 DNS
Take Five Doug Abel 14:12:26 16:57:00 4
Navis Bona Chris Hynes 14:16:10 16:14:28 1
Conundrum Bruce Blasnik 14:16:10 16:47:35 3
Red Lion Esteban Vietorisz 14:18:01 DNF 6
Eclipse Kent Holden 14:20:30 DNS
Fancy Bob Bob Wilmot 14:21:26 DNS


  YRALIS rating Start time Finish time Place
Flo III 234 14:10:00 DNS DNS
Soup Bone IV 183 14:17:14 16:04:40 5
Kinsale 156 14:21:03 16:15:32 6
Baydreamer 147 14:22:20 DNS DNS
Stampede 129 14:24:53 16:04:23 4
Navis Bona 126 14:25:18 15:54:56 1
Vixen 117 14:26:35 15:55:31 2
Eclipse 84 14:31:15 16:02:37 3

Race replay of boats using RaceQ is available at . For better experience, use full screen view.